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There are a lot of reasons I stopped using mass produced commercial soap.  The main one is that I believe that the body absorbs things through the skin.  I prefer my body absorbing coconut oil over methylisothiazolinone. I know what coconuts are.  I'm pretty sure they are good for you.  I have no idea what this other thing is, but I'm pretty sure I don't need it in my soap.  My father told me, "Your health is your wealth".  I believe him.  This is one piece of the puzzle.

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We are a small family owned business that makes handcrafted soap in small batches.  Our goal is to make the best possible soap while keeping it affordable for everyone.  Our family uses the products we make so we want them to be great.  We use organic ingredients as much as we can and we try to act in a responsible and sustainable way. We are not perfect but each day we try to improve. 

We have a passion for soap!  I haven't always been so concerned about soap, but through a series of random events it happened.  Now I am obsessed with making great soap.  We try to use the best ingredients we can.  We try to keep it local.  We try to operate in a sustainable way.  We are not greedy, we share our profits with other organizations we think are worthy.  We have a bunch of different styles of soap and we feel like we have something for everyone.